Tuesday, December 16, 2008

White winter wonderland...

It's finally starting to feel like Christmas.

That always seems to happen when it finally snows. It just seems odd to me because in Provo it snows sooner, and much more!

I think it only snowed once last year in Washington and that was Christmas day...

Anyways it's absolutely beautiful.

Finals are going... yes going. I have two more to go and then I'm finished! The hardest part is going to bed on time. I'm trying to wake up early to study, but I'm finding that difficult when I can't fall asleep the night before. Tonight I will attempt to drug myself. Oh yes... a few Benadryls should do the trick! Wish me luck...
I fly out Friday morning to go home! I'll have to start my Christmas shopping as soon as I get home :)

I found myself a new favorite place to study. Because I'm afraid of campus, I try to avoid it as much as possible. I have never actually studied on campus... I know it's strange, but luckily I live a block away from the Provo Library which turns out to be better. Thanks to my wonderful roommates Ruthie (see below)

I can leave the confines of my rather lame apartment and venture out into the city..ish.

1 comment:

Alita said...

I have a similar but a very differeny experience too!!!

The difference is that in my country doesn't have snow but i'm feelin the same way like you.