Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Being away from home has it's perks. Of course there is the social atmosphere which is a constant 24 hour thing, which at times can be exhausting. But you can stay out late, do and eat whatever you would like, go wherever you wish without questions or anyone ever knowing or caring. The independence thing is nice. However, you also learn to appreciate the things you took for granted when you were back home.

Rain. I never thought I would say this but yes, I miss the rain. The soggy, wet, cold rain. At least I did when I first got here. Once in a while it would rain and I would feel like I was back in Washington, home sweet home.

Family. Of course I knew I would miss my family, but I had no idea how much. I think they had a pretty good idea of when I started to miss them as they started to get more and more calls and texts from me each week. I was more then ready to go home and see my family Thanksgiving break.

Locations. There were a few spots I really missed being able to jump in the car and arrive at in less then 5 minutes. Some of these, well all of these are beach locations. I miss Redondo, Dashpoint, Commencement Bay, and by far the most, Brown's Point.

Food. Provo has food, that's for sure. Great Burgers and burritos at every corner, literally. However they DO NOT have the Rock, good Teriyaki, or Qdoba Mexican Grill, which all just happen to be my favorite places. Thank goodness for Washington.


jennifer said...

ahhh....I'm so ready to go back to washington and run around on soggy beaches!!!! p.s. I've never been to the rock...therefore i think we have to go someday

Britton said...

Alright. I finally read your blog, and that lighthouse thing is sweet. It looks nothing like a lighthouse... but I think I'll buy one some day when I'm rich.