Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring has finally arrived!

This conference weekend has been one of the laziest, most relaxing,YET rejuvenating weekends I’ve had all semester.

Saturday started off with a quick run with my roommate Kristina to the Provo Bakery. We picked up some baked goodies for our boys for breakfast. It was my first time there and I was pleasantly surprised. My favorite was the cinnamon twist. It was a cute little bakery with a big selection.

We got home just in time for the Saturday morning session of conference. For lunch David and I decided to grab some pizza at pizza hut. (We had been craving it all week after watching a dozen or so commercials advertising it). We munched on that during the afternoon session. It was really nice being able to sit at home and watch all the sessions. This year was the first year I didn’t miss any... well except for Priesthood of course.

During Priesthood some of the girls in my ward decided to have an all girl potluck. We had plenty of food and my future roomie (Lindsey) was able to show me around the apartment I will be living in next fall. I’m really excited! It is really big and nice. I’ll get my own room again too! Yippee!

After David came home from conference, we went grocery shopping for Sunday morning breakfast. We made delicious cinnamon and nutmeg French toast with strawberries, cheesy scrambled eggs, and bacon. Mmmm! It was good.

Between sessions on Sunday the sun came out and it finally felt like spring! David and I decided to take a walk to Kiwanis Park. After swinging on the swings for awhile with a playground full of little kids running around us, we decided to snap some pictures. This entertained us for a bit...if you can't tell. Some of these are pretty funny. Take a look-->

David likes to beat me once in awhile...

(We got a good laugh out of this next one)
I told David..."Okay this time look seductive!"

We call this one our "Walk to Remember" picture.
Haha... doesn't it look like it could be the cover of Twilight or something?

These two are my favorites :)

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Michael and Emilie Davidson said...

Great contrast in this one. Love it.